Crazy maple


Crazy Maple Studio’s storytelling app, Chapters, originally focused on monetizing with in-app purchases (IAP). In 2019, video ads were introduced to their users and they noticed that the majority of ads delivered were for other games The developer wanted to deliver a more diverse ad experience and started to search for a solution.


HyprMX’s brand-only demand was exactly what they were looking for to provide ad diversity. The popular story-driven game attracts a primarily adult, female audience that is often sought after by brands. Incorporating brand campaigns would deliver a diverse mix of ads from brands that users know including McDonald’s, Condé Nast, and Toyota.

"Running brand ads from HyprMX provided the ad diversity and revenue boost that we were looking for."

Joey Jia, CEO


The storydriven mechanics and long session lengths enabled them to run rewarded video up to 60-seconds in length, along with interstitial brand campaigns. Crazy Maple was able to increase revenues and diversify the ad experience in Chapters by adding brand ads from HyprMX.

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