Love Island: The Game is a storytelling app that puts players inside the hit British reality TV show 'Love Island'. After 4 years of U.K. fanfare, the series premiered in the United States causing a surge in U.S. app usage. Fusebox Games wanted the in-app ads to match the premium brands that TV viewers see during the show’s debut on CBS.


Fusebox added HyprMX’s brand ads to their waterfall to provide ad diversity and engaging brand experiences for their users. Advertisers like Pepsi, GQ, and McDonald’s are a perfect fit for the storytelling genre.

“HyprMX’s brand ads are a perfect fit for Love Island and the proof is in the performance.”

Michael Othen, Creative Director of Fusebox Games


HyprMX was able to deliver brand campaigns at scale. This resulted in an immediate revenue boost, with HyprMX running at the top of Love Island’s waterfall. Dedicated fans translate into long session lengths, allowing Fusebox to run ads up to 60 seconds long and resulting in high eCPMs.