IEC Games


Based in Vietnam, hypercasual gaming publisher IEC Global has seen success with their hit titles Ball Sort Puzzle and Water Sort Puzzle. Advertising is the main driver of revenue in these titles, so they sought a partner that could expand beyond traditional performance ad networks which typically advertise other apps.


HyprMX’s focus on delivering brand campaigns was the perfect solution to diversify IEC’s ad mix. With a user experience enabling longer session lengths, top advertisers such as McDonald’s, Nissan, and Conde Nast were a great fit in rewarded video, interstitial, and banner placements.

"HyprMX provides our games with brand campaigns which help us to reduce possibilities of losing our hard-earned users to other competitors. HyprMX also offers the best kind of fill rates and revenue in our waterfall."

Duc Nguyen, Managing Director


IEC A/B tested HyprMX against their standard demand partners and saw a significant increase in both rewarded video and interstitial revenues. With the addition of banner ads, IEC has seen an increase in ARPDAU. IEC relies on HyprMX as a top monetization partner due to their strong performance.