Magmic is known for working with brands like Mattel and Hasbro to develop mobile versions of popular games like Scattergories™, Phase 10™, and Skip-Bo™. These titles use interstitial ads to increase their in-game monetization. Magmic sought a new partner that could deliver brand campaigns to provide diversity from the repetitive app-install ads most networks rely on.


HyprMX’s new interstitial product exclusively provides the ability for app developers of all shapes and sizes to tap into the best Madison Avenue has to offer. We run with major advertisers like Fendi, Sony, and Hilton at consistent volumes and competitive eCPMs. HyprMX works directly or through all of the major mobile mediators so it was simple for Magmic to get started.

"I will not go live without HyprMX in my interstitial waterfall.”

Valerie Husky, Director of Growth and Monetization at Magmic


HyprMX quickly became a top partner for Magmic with eCPMs in leading positions in nearly each app. Magmic is paid out on every single completion from HyprMX and the brand ads are keeping valuable users from being drawn away to the app store by other networks. Interstitial revenue has increased 2x since adding HyprMX.