Meet group


The Meet Group helps millions of people find connection and community within their portfolio of mobile dating apps and services. Their innovative livestreaming product provides members with a unique way to interact, engage, and be entertained. It also adds an incremental revenue stream through both in-app purchases and rewarded advertising monetization. Being in an uncommon position as a non-gaming app that also monetizes through rewarded video, they sought more diversified ad demand that didn’t rely as heavily on performance-based app install campaigns.


The Meet Group’s ad monetization team decided that HyprMX’s direct-sold brand campaigns would be a perfect fit. As a long time partner, The Meet Group was familiar with HyprMX’s brand-only campaigns that keep members in their app and pay out on every completed view. Adding HyprMX’s demand to their rewarded video ad stack increased both fill and CPM resulting in meaningful revenue uplift.

"HyprMX delivered brand campaigns for our apps at competitive eCPMs and high fill rates. They have quickly become an integral partner in our ad stack."

Nick Hermansader, Senior Vice President of Advertising


Members are now able to experience something other than app-install ads while they engage with rewarded video. Adding HyprMX demand has led to clear increases in their overall rewarded ad and total ad revenue bottom lines. HyprMX is one of The Meet Group’s most important rewarded demand partners and is now integrated into their MeetMe, Skout and Tagged apps.