Global gaming brand MY.GAMES, a part of Mail.Ru Group, has a vast portfolio of titles including Grand Hotel Mania, Hustle Castle, and Zero City. With ad monetization being an important part of their success, they realized that the vast majority of campaigns from ad networks were promoting competitive games. To increase retention, their team sought new demand partners that could bring something different.


HyprMX’s focus on delivering brand campaigns was the perfect fit to diversify MY.GAMES’ ad mix. Brand campaigns from advertisers like Conde Nast and McDonald’s never directed their users to other games thus reducing the risk of churn.

“We were impressed with the volume and scale HyprMX’s brand campaigns can deliver during their peak periods”

Daniil Sadykov, Ad Monetization Manager


Running rewarded video ads, MY.GAMES A/B tested HyprMX with other networks and saw a significant revenue increase. As one of their top US performers, MY.GAMES relies on HyprMX to diversify their ad stack while generating meaningful uplift to revenue.