Publishers Clearing House is known for its sweepstakes and nostalgic TV commercials, but in this mobile-first world, its apps are where millions of people engage to win. The PCH App featured interstitial units and PCH was looking for even more engaging units from Fortune 500 brands.


HyprMX’s new interstitial product offered 100% brand ads from the likes of Gillette, Sony, and Audi at attractive eCPMs. Already pleased with HyprMX’s rewarded video performance, the PCH monetization team quickly added HyprMX’s brand interstitial ads to boost advertising performance.

"HyprMX is breathing new life into the interstitial market.”

Eric D'Elia, App Monetization Manager at Publishers Clearing House


HyprMX now delivers hundreds of thousands of interstitial impressions daily to The PCH App at waterfall-winning eCPMs. PCH enjoys a 95%+ video completion rate for brand interstitials, and is paid out on every completion (CPV). PCH is now expanding HyprMX’s role by adding its interstitial and rewarded ads into other apps like PCH Lotto.