Perk has a wide-range of apps in its portfolio. Each property implements rewarded video in a unique way to drive engagement and loyalty. Perk sought to balance the inconsistent performance of CPI (cost-per-install) app ads with a CPV (cost-per-view) partner that could add value with every impression.


HyprMarketplace specializes in rewarded video from Fortune 500 brands and attracts a diverse set of campaigns. It optimizes towards the ads that perform best in each environment. With payouts ranging from $0.01 to $0.08 per completion, HyprMarketplace is built to maximize publisher revenue.

"We didn’t think these eCPMs were possible across all of our apps.”

Dan Mateer, Director of Product AT PERK


HyprMarketplace has blown away the competition across Perk’s portfolio. In July 2017, Perk’s flagship iOS app saw HyprMarketplace deliver a 92% US fill rate with eCPMs above $20, compared to CPI networks that typically deliver around $5. As a result of the performance, Perk has integrated HyprMarketplace in more than ten of its apps.