Fishdom is a huge evergreen casual title that’s consistently on top grossing leaderboards. Due to the competitive landscape in casual games, it's quite risky to show ads from similar games, and blacklisting every campaign could lead to reduced revenues. Playrix knew that its “MOCAs” (mobile casual players) could attract brand dollars, as more Fortune 500 advertisers are seeking out this high value audience. The developer looked to revive its rewarded video placement and capitalize on the massive MOCA trend.


HyprMarketplace was the perfect fit for Fishdom since it is 100% focused on delivering brand campaigns that pay out upon completion (no install required). The campaigns deliver exceptional engagement because they’re from mobile-savvy, widely recognized brands including Pepsi, Sony, and Fendi. Finally, HyprMarketplace provides ad diversity and the scale to drive meaningful revenues to major publishers.

“HyprMX connects us with the brands that value our casual audience.”

Michael Panov, Senior Ad Publishing Manager at Playrix


With brands clamoring for its inventory, HyprMarketplace outperforms Fishdom’s average eCPM and delivers consistent impression volume. Despite the fact that HyprMarketplace focuses only on the highly competitive United States, it has solidified a spot among Fishdom’s top three revenue partners. Fishdom was able to use millions of brand impressions to diversify its content, improve engagement, and significantly grow revenues.