Verydice is a fast-growing mobile game that rewards players with real-world prizes like gift cards and gadgets simply for playing games. SquareTwo relies on ad revenue to cover its costs and is always looking to improve its ad stack. SquareTwo’s existing partners were only paying out when players left verydice to install other games. SquareTwo wanted to add brand advertising to keep users engaged in its games and improve eCPMs.


SquareTwo integrated HyprMX’s CPV ads that pay out on every single completion and never ask players to leave the app. In its rewarded video placement, verydice players began to receive campaigns from advertisers like Ritz-Carlton, FedEx, and Carnival Cruises.

“HyprMX’s eCPMs at scale have been a revelation for us... HyprMX succeeds without ever taking my players away to other apps."

Dave Yoo, CEO / Co-founder at SquareTwo, Inc.


SquareTwo quickly noticed an overall lift in eCPMs and earnings. After realizing that HyprMX ads can maintain eCPM with increased exposure, SquareTwo began calling for HyprMX ads more frequently. The resulting revenue lift enabled verydice players to earn more real-world rewards than ever.

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