Since 2009, ZiMAD has been an industry leader in the casual games genre through their hits like Magic Jigsaw Puzzle. Possessing a valuable user base, they sought to diversify their ad placements to optimize revenue and elevate user experience, especially in today's competitive ad monetization landscape.


Recognizing the need for more variety in their ad stack, the ZiMAD ad monetization team turned to HyprMX to bring in brand demand. Through strategic alignment and planning, HyprMX devised a comprehensive strategy that emphasized brand ad integration, particularly in rewarded video ad placements in the iOS and Amazon platforms during the busiest times of the year.

“We were amazed by the magnitude and reach of HyprMX's brand campaigns, particularly during their peak periods.”

Natalia Simdianova, Head of Ad Monetization 


ZiMAD is pleased with how HyprMX’s brand campaigns meet the needs of their LAT users on iOS, resulting in notably higher eCPMs. They also noticed a considerable uptick in demand for US users, improving their overall revenue. Additionally, they were thrilled about HyprMX’s effectiveness on Amazon devices and the ability to monetize users on that platform.


Through collaboration and innovative solutions, HyprMX was able to elevate the overall user experience and help drive revenue growth, especially for ZiMAD’s highest value users. As ZiMAD and HyprMX continue to innovate and evolve, we remain committed to empowering our partners to achieve their monetization goals and unlock new opportunities for success.

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